Kee Safety Ethical Policy Statement

The following Ethical Policy is wholly supported by all members of the Kee Safety Board and the wider Management Team. We believe that the retention of a set of core values and approaches is vital to the process of doing business. The reputation of our company and the trust and confidence of those with whom it deals is our most important resource and underpins our value.


In our relations with Customers

Kee Safety believes that integrity in dealings with customers is a prerequisite for a successful trading relationship. In all advertising and other public communications, untruths, concealment and overstatement will be avoided. We will afford the same degree of confidentiality to customer information as we do with our own confidential information. All employees will act with the highest levels of personal integrity. Bribery or facilitation payments will never be considered acceptable.


In relation to our International Operations

Kee Safety commits itself to respect and obey both local, national and international laws and other relevant legislation, effective within each community and country within which we operate. At all times we will respect the traditions, cultures and beliefs of each country in which we operate.

We will endeavour to seek out internally and in our supply chain or contractor/client operations and report to the relevant authorities any Company/person that is involved in or facilitates:

  • Slavery or servitude
  • Individuals having to perform forced or compulsory labour
  • The travel of another person with a view to exploitation either behaviourally or anything done to in respect of a person
  • The use of vulnerable people in a way that someone not vulnerable would be likely to refuse to be used for the same purpose


Other Kee Safety principles of operation

Kee Safety will seek to minimise its Environmental impact whenever possible and to comply with all Environmental Legislation. All employment should be freely chosen in line with the Modern Slavery Act – 2015. Child labour must not be used at any time or for any purpose in the supply of materials or products. All businesses must ensure that any kind of slavery/servitude/forced or compulsory labour or human trafficking does not occur in any part of our business or in our supply chains.

The working environment within our facilities will be safe and the highest levels of housekeeping will be maintained. All working conditions must be safe and in accordance with relevant regional or national laws. Working hours must be in accordance with local, national or regional guidelines or legislation. Discrimination of any kind will never be tolerated. Abuse, harassment, intimidation or any form of bullying will not be tolerated. People will be treated with respect at all times.

Kee Safety firmly believes that its employees are the key to its success. We will aim to recruit and promote on the basis of merit alone. The highest levels of personal integrity must be maintained at all times by all our team. Inappropriate inducement or bribery, received or given, will never be tolerated.

If you are ever in doubt... stop and ask.

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Welcome Tremco!

Message from Deryl:

Welcome to the Kee Safety/Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance website, the result of a true collaboration between two great companies. This customized website includes a great deal of information that can help you sell Kee's fall protection systems to keep your contractors, your customers and yourself safe whenever you're on a roof; I encourage you to include Kee Safety fall protection systems in all of your proposals. Remember, there is nothing more important to us than safety, and the Kee/Tremco Roofing relationship will go a long way toward helping us meet our goal of zero accidents.

Deryl W. Kratzer– President of Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance


Message from Mike:

I want to personally welcome all of the folks from Tremco that are partnering with us, at Kee Safety, on a joint journey. Both companies will gain from the credibility of the other. It is one of the true win-wins that happens when great companies cooperate for long term mutual benefit. We are very excited about this partnership with Tremco and look forward to working together.

Mike Mumau – President of Kee Safety, North America





Tremco Employees:
If you need additional information about any of these products, or would like to request physical literature -- please contact us at [email protected]


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Knowledge Center

Download product catalogs and brochures as well as creative project ideas using the Kee Safety products. Videos provide a “walk-through” experience of each product installation.

Kee Safety Products

OSHA compliant safety guardrails, railings, accessories and fall protection system solutions.

Occupational fatalities caused by falls remain a serious public health problem. Identifying fall hazards and deciding how best to protect workers is the first step in reducing or eliminating fall hazards.

The U.S. Department of Labor through the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) outlines all of the regulations designed to protect workers from falls. Kee Safety is dedicated to bringing customized fall protection applications to ensure all regulatory safety standards are met.

Kee Safety's range of products provides OSHA compliant safety wherever needed. Whatever the safety application need, a solution can be found within the Kee Safety categories of products.


Because Kee Safety products are so versatile and configurable, they can be used in a number of contexts and in a variety of ways.  Browse through the solutions to see some of the many ways that Kee Safety products can be applied to solve industry needs.

You can browse by a specific product line or industry, or just page through and click on a solution.

If you have used Kee Safety products in some creative ways and would like us to feature your solution, please contact us.

BeamClamp Personal Assembly Tool

Design Your Own BeamClamp Connection

BeamClamp products can be used to connect all types of structural steel together without the need for on-site welding or drilling. Due to the wide range of steel selections available, each connection will differ dependant upon the steel being connected.

To aid in the design of BeamClamp connections the BeamClamp Connection Designer website allows you to enter the type and size of existing steelwork being connected to, the new steel to be connected, and the load to be carried. With this information your connection, along with a parts list of BeamClamp products, can be determined instantly. Your custom connection can then be accessed by our Design team to produce an accurate quote for your application

Use the BeamClamp Connection Designer ONLINE!

Kee Projects

Turnkey Safety Solutions

We at Kee Safety have dedicated construction professionals who have worked within the construction industry for many years. Together with their expert industry knowledge and our safety product ranges, our team is fully capable of providing you with safety guardrail and handrail solutions that will service your project needs. Whether dealing with new, refurbishment or upgrading of existing structures and developments, we can provide safety compliant guardrail and handrail designs, whether it be internal, external, at ground level, or roof level.

We can also advise you on project costs, manage completion time scales from inception to meet your site requirements, and also ensure compliance of our systems with current North American Legislation and Safety requirements.

Custom Services

Our dedicated technical service team can provide advice and solutions. Wehave CAD facilities and design software to enable us to interpret your designrequirements and provide you with a solution.
We can visit the location to execute a full inspection including a measuring service so that the correct information is gathered. Furthermore, we are able to provide a full installation service to assist in meeting any deadlines and site needs. Our installation teams are professional and excel in the assembly of our safety systems.

Home Page Welcome

Welcome to Kee Safety

Kee® Safety is a leading global supplier of components and custom systems for railings, barriers, roof edge protection and fall prevention. Established in the UK in 1934, the range has expanded from our original Kee Klamp product into a portfolio of safety equipment, all designed to protect people and prevent accidents.

Kee Safety strives to provide only the highest level of safety solutions and products to every industry and niche around the world. We serve every size customer and client, and provide solutions for every project. From code compliant rooftop safety products such as passive roof edge fall protection and skylight fall protection -- to readily achievable ADA handrails and compliant guardrails. No handrail project is too big, or safety railing too small for Kee Safety.

Kee Safety also supplies non-welded solutions I-beam clamps, grating clips and floor fixtures for steel connections through its specialist subsidiary company, LNA Solutions based in Ann Arbor, MI. For full information on these products visit

Company History

This brief history shows how the group started with the invention of the Kee Klamp® structural fitting to become the world's leading supplier of structural slip-on pipe fittings operating in 5 countries with distributors in a further 28 countries. History shows that the company has been successful in expanding geographically as well as introducing innovative new products. Since 1934, the company has produced over 100 million fittings, many of which are still in use today!

Company Overview

The Leading Safety Solutions Company

Kee Safety, Inc. is one of the world's leading Safety Solutions Suppliers. We have been providing industry specific solutions such as railings, barriers, perimeter protection, fall prevention and many other applications since 1934.

From Machine Guards to Roof Edge Fall Protection, Guardrailing to Pedestrian Barriers, Shop Fitting to Children's Playgrounds, Kee Klamp Ltd. has supplied the answer to many problems with safe, reliable, cost effective and durable solutions.

Strong Product Line

Kee Safety: Products Overview from Kee Safety on Vimeo.

The Kee Klamp® range of cast iron structural slip-on fittings are TÜV approved and feature Kee Koat® protected grubscrews for superior corrosion resistance This combined with the ThreadKoat® (patented) factory applied coating for the threaded recesses, ensures that Kee Klamp fittings achieve longer life and better corrosion resistance. Kee Klamp fittings are available in over 75 styles and fit a wide range of pipe sizes.

The group also offers the Kee Lite® range of aluminium structural slip on fittings. Kee Lite fittings are manufactured from an aluminium silicon magnesium alloy providing high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. The aluminium fittings are available in a variety of styles in up to 4 different tube sizes ranging from 33.7 mm O/D to 60.3 mm O/D

Continually Moving Forward

Evolving from the Kee Klamp fitting, a number of Safety Solutions have been designed to make industry and commerce safer and easier. The KeeGuard® Roof Edge Fall Protection System is a world leader in its field, providing a reliable permanent fall protection system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. A tested and proven counterbalance system, this modular roof railing system meets or exceeds prescribed fall prevention safety standards including , EU Directives, CDM Regulations, Health & Safety Regulations and the relevant wind codes.

In recent years, the Kee Guard Contractor® Portable Railing System has been launched in the United States. KeeGuard Contractor offers a new and innovative approach to portable railing systems. Since the system is free standing, there is no need for any hardware connections to the rooftop or working surface.

Quality Service

Kee Safety, Inc. offers free engineering solutions for most applications. Let us help you bring your next project in on time, and under budget. Use the contact information at the top of this page to contact Kee Safety today for a free quote for your next structural steel or safety application.

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You may also visit our Corporate site for other contact information.

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