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Utilizing Kee Klamp and Pallet Gate to Enhance Forklift Safety

Project Overview

This case study highlights Kee Safety's successful collaboration with ASB Greenworld, a leading family-owned provider of first-class gardening products, established in 1958. The company, known for its high-quality potting soil and growing media, faced a growing safety concern within their facility. The client's facility, crucial for their continued success, was experiencing ongoing damage due to unsafe equipment operation.

Kee Klamp / Safety Railing
Their forklift and other machinery was continuously hitting the mezzanine, this was damaging the facility and was also a safety hazard.

The Challenge

They experienced collisions between forklifts and other machinery at the mezzanine level were causing structural issues and creating a potential safety hazard for employees. This demanded a swift and effective solution to safeguard their facility and workforce.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a customized approach, Kee Safety deployed its expertise and innovative Kee Klamp product line. Our engineers designed and implemented a custom pallet gate system. This unique solution is made possible by the modularity of Kee Klamp.

  • Kee Klamp Railings: our guardrail is galvanized inside and out with a proprietary coating to guarantee corrosion resistance, even in the toughest environments. Is also an industrial-grade product and does not require welding which means that there is no need for a hot works permit.
  • Kee Pivot Pallet Gate: our pallet gates are designed to fit seamlessly into a new or existing guardrail or barrier and ensure there is continuous protection in place. At the same time, goods are being moved either up to or down from the mezzanine. This solution was implemented at their facility located in New Brunswick.
Kee Klamp / Safety Railing / Guardrail
Kee Klamp protects structure of upper mezzanine and maintains the quality of the facility with no additional damage.

The Benefits

The client expressed high satisfaction with the pallet gate system made with with Kee Klamp. Not only did it effectively address the safety concerns, but it also integrated seamlessly into their operations. This positive experience has led the client to express their intention to rely on Kee Safety for any future safety needs within their facility.

  • Protection: The Kee Klamp system served as a robust barrier, preventing future collisions with the mezzanine level. This ensured the structural integrity of the facility and eliminated the risk of further damage.
  • Efficiency: The custom design maintained optimal workflow within the facility. The pallet gate system did not hinder essential operations, allowing for seamless movement of materials while prioritizing safety.
  • Perfect Fit: Kee Klamp's modular nature enabled the creation of a solution tailored to the exact dimensions and layout of the client's facility. This ensured a perfect fit and optimal functionality.
Kee Klamp / Safety Railing / Guardrail

This case study demonstrates Kee Safety's commitment to providing customized and reliable safety solutions. By leveraging Kee Klamp's versatility, we effectively safeguarded a family-owned business's legacy and ensured its employees' well-being.

Finished Project

Kee Pivot® in Action

Kee Klamp safety railings on an outdoor stairway | tubular fittings

Kee Klamp Safety Railing

In 1934, we invented Kee Klamp® tubular fittings for use in the agriculture industry. Following the development of these simple safety barrier systems, many other uses were found.

Kee Klamp Safety Railing