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Unprotected Edges

The roof edge is one of the most dangerous places and so you need to have a safety solution in place to protect workers.

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Cutting-edge safety systems

The edge of the roof is the most visible hazard, and typically the hazard most people want to protect first. If anyone is working close to the roof edge there is a significant risk of an accident occurring. OSHA Code states that if a worker can be exposed to a fall, then they must be protected. Our safety specialists are ready to ensure the safety of your team from any unprotected roof edge.

OH&S Compliance Zone Defense

Safety standards have been updated to reflect industry fall protection requirements. OH&S compliance codes are central to how we assess the rooftop during a Safety Audit.

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Zone 1:

When work is performed less than 6 feet (1.8 m) from the roof edge, OH&S allows for employers to protect its people by using a by a guardrail system, safety net system, travel restraint system, or personal fall arrest system.

Zone 2:

When work is performed at least 6 feet (1.8 m) but less than 15 feet (4.6 m) from the roof edge, OH&S allows a guardrail system, safety net system, travel restraint system, or personal fall arrest system. The employer may use a designated area when performing work that is both infrequent and temporary*

Zone 3:

When work is performed 15 feet (4.6 m) or more from the roof edge, the employer must: protect each employee from falling by a guardrail system, safety net system, travel restraint system, or personal fall arrest system or a designated area.


*OH&S does not require the employer to provide any fall protection, provided the work is both infrequent and temporary; and implement and enforce a work rule prohibiting employees from going within 15 feet (4.6 m) of the roof edge without using fall protection in accordance with paragraphs (b)(13)(i) and (ii) of this section.

Safeguard Your Team from Unprotected Edges

warning line / marking perimeters indoors and outdoors / free-standing demarcation / demarcation system

Kee Mark® Warning Lines

A sturdy, durable and cost-effective warning line for marking perimeters indoors and out. The simple modular design incorporates durable galvanized Kee Klamp components. Heavy-duty nylon mesh flags are available in safety orange or safety yellow.

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Rooftop Safety Guardrail / Safety Rail / Roof Guardrail /  free standing roof edge safety rail / Fall Protection

Kee Guard® Roof Guardrail

Kee Guard is a leading modular, free-standing railing system that isn’t fixed directly to the roof membrane. It’s a permanent and dependable barrier for a roof edge that’s OH&S compliant and suitable for virtually any flat roof up to a 10° slope – keeping to your workforce safe.

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Roof Railing / Rooftop Fall Protection / Unprotected Edges / non-penetrating guard rail fall protection

Kee Guard® Safety Railing for Narrow Rooftop Spaces

Our modular, free-standing railing system provides a permanent/temporary, safe and dependable barrier for the roof edge without penetrating the roof membrane. Kee Guard is versatile, easy to assemble, and gives you an innovative approach to durable portable railing systems for roofs up to a 5 degree pitch. In addition to these benefits, it’s OH&S compliant and third-party tested for reliability.

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roof fall protection | rooftop guardrail | Roof edge protection solutions for metal roof / safety railings for metal roof

KeeGuard® Safety Railings for Metal Roofs

Fully OH&S compliant, Kee Guard keeps your team safe by creating a safe perimeter for maintenance or inspection safety. Its special standing seam system means there’s no need for drilling, special anchoring, or penetration of the roof. In addition, fitting this system is a breeze considering there are no special tools, welding, bending, or threading needed.

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Rooftop Risk Assessment

Unprotected Edges

Article: Safety Solutions for Unprotected Edges

Every building with a flat or low-sloped roof—notably commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities—has its own areas to protect. Regulatory bodies have standards and guidelines to protect workers whenever they access the roof.

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MG 3333

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Safety solutions in the work place

See how our safety specialists are raising the safety standards for roofs.

White Paper Canadian Safety Codes

Canadian Safety Codes and the Rooftop Safety Audit

What experts look for when performing a rooftop safety audit and how to improve worker safety with solutions that exceed OH&S compliance.

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Standards & Regulations

OSHA Code: 1910.28(b)(3)(iv)

Each employee is protected from falling into a ladderway floor hole or ladderway platform hole by a guardrail system and toeboards erected on all exposed sides, except at the entrance to the hole, where a self-closing gate or an offset must be used.

ANSI Code: A1264.1-2007

Safety Requirements for areas where danger exists of persons or objects falling through floor or wall openings, platforms, runways, ramps and fixed stairs, in normal, temporary, and emergency conditions. Applies to industrial and workplace situations.

How We Access Risk

As fall protection experts, we can perform a critical analysis on your rooftop to identify the hazards where your workers are exposed to the greatest risk. This ensures that the most dangerous areas are protected immediately with state-of-the-art systems and OH&S compliant solutions.

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Process Overview

On-Site Analysis

Your rooftop assessment.

Survey Evaluation Report

Recognize the hazards.

Professional Installation

Nationwide network of certified integrators.

System Certification

Ensure compliance

Follow-Up Inspection

Exceed regulatory requirements.

Standard and Extended Warranty

Protect and maintain safety.

The Hierarchy of Fall Protection | fall arrest | fall restraint | collective fall protection | work at height

The Hierarchy of Fall Protection

A truly comprehensive rooftop solution follows the Hierarchy of Fall Protection. An expert starts by inspecting the roof site for potential fall hazards. From there, a complete system solution and recommendations are created that descend down the four levels of the hierarchy, from simple, sensible approaches for eliminating risks all the way down to lifesaving personal protection systems. 

Collective Systems require no additional training to use. Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest Systems both require a high level of user competency, training and additional inspection to be used properly. 

The Hierarchy of Fall Protection Solutions
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