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Manufacturing Facility Management

Your Facility Must Meet Specific OH&S Requirements

Maintain Your Facility's Safety

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set new guidelines for the safety measures that are required for all manufacturing facilities. These regulations require that all commercial roofs need top-ridge anchors installed that inspectors and contractors can attach safety cords to so they can walk and inspect roofs and perform repairs or replacements of roofing materials. If you allow people to walk on a roof without these precautions in place, you will be out of compliance with OH&S regulations and subject to fines. You could also face insurance issues for not following regulations. When it comes to your roof, safety should be your first priority. If you are concerned about potential safety compliance of fall protection issues, contact our team to discuss your specific needs and identify the best approach for your project.
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Safety Products for Manufacturing

Kee Walk Platforms Crossover

Kee Walk® Rooftop Crossovers

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MG 3333

Kee Mark® Warning Line

Kee Mark Warning Line
KS KGA 2224 Crop

Kee Gate® Self-Closing Safety Gate

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Kee Safety Fall Protection Solution Brochure

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Kee Safety: Your Fall Protection Experts
Kee Safety is the world’s leading fall protection expert. We engineer, manufacture and install fall protection solutions that safely separate people from hazards. Our OH&S-compliant products and systems are third-party tested and trusted to ensure consistent performance at the highest level.

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