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Safe Access / Fall Protection / Safety Solutions

Why Should I Install Safe Access Equipment in my Facility?

Two reasons to install safe access equipment in your facility are clear and matter of fact—and likely to have already come to mind:


  1. Protect your workers from accidents and injuries.

  2. Comply with regulations to avoid warnings, fines, and criminal penalties.


These are sensible, pragmatic reasons but not the only benefits of installing safe access equipment. Owners and managers will find that having safe access systems and equipment can:

So, what types of safe access equipment should an owner or safety manager install in a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or commercial facility?

Kee Klamp /  Safety Railing / Handrail

1. Handrails

Smooth, continuous handrails installed on ramps, stairs, corridors, and elsewhere provide compliant fall protection. Pipe-fitted railing systems are installed easily without welding or drilling. Aluminum and galvanized steel handrails are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

Safe Access / Fall Protection / Kee Walk / Walkway with Guardrail

2. Walkways

Anti-slip treads set in sturdy frames provide a clear pathway for workers to traverse a rooftop or other hazardous areas. When these walkways are equipped with guardrails, workers have additional fall protection.

PitProtect / PitCovers / Vehicle Maintenance

3. Pit Covers

Inspection pits for vehicle maintenance enhance safety and efficiency compared to lifts, but when no vehicle is in service, the pit should not be uncovered. Adjustable, retractable pit covers of strong yet lightweight aluminum provide a permanent and safer solution than boards or other ad hoc measures.

Stepovers / Crossover Platforms / Kee Step

4. Stepovers

Obstructions such as cables, piping, and conduits on a rooftop or areas inside a plant are a trip hazard. Mini stepovers offer a simple, off-the-shelf way to navigate past these hazards. For more considerable obstructions or a change in level, modular crossover platforms are easily customized for your situation.

Railing Kits / Kee Kwik / Railing System / Safety Railing

5. Railing Kits

Solid and simple metal railing kits can make loading docks, machinery, and other areas safer. They are available in 90-degree corners and straight sets for versatility and are installed without welding or drilling. Powder coating in “safety yellow” or a specified RAL colour enhances visibility.

Kee Gate / Self-Closing Gate

6. Self-closing Gates

Stairs, restricted areas, rooftop access points (e.g., ladders, hatches), and other areas should be protected by a self-closing gate. This focuses personnel access for safety and supervision. Gates can be single-width, double-width, or full-height and are adjustable on-site.

Pallet Gates / Kee Pivot

7. Pallet Gates

Loading and unloading on mezzanines and other heights presents a fall hazard that can be alleviated by a pallet gate that uses a pivoting gate within a railing system. They are available in four configurations and can fit seamlessly into an existing railing system or barrier.


Kee Platform / Work Platform / Fall Protection

8. Work Platforms

For regular tasks performed at height, a modular work platform with railings, anti-slip steps, and anti-slip platform floors is safer and more productive than ladders. Three types of work platforms can be evaluated for your specific needs:

Static Work Platform – Ideal for permanent placement and frequent use.

Mobile Work Platform – Equipped with heavy-duty locking casters for easy movement from station to station.

Custom Work Platform – Designed for your specific work area.

What Safe Access Equipment is Best for Your Facility?

Every facility is different; for example, you may not have an inspection pit or mezzanine, but the need for safe access is universal. A comprehensive approach to protecting your workers starts with a hazard assessment of your facility. Expert design and installation can also offer safety solutions that work best for your requirements.

KS KGU 270 Small


Design and Installation

We offer full design and installation services that include a complete on-site survey. Also, we can produce comprehensive shop drawings to help you visualize the end result. With our detailed project outline, you can be confident that your project is professionally specified, and that all safety concerns and standards are addressed to your satisfaction.

Alternatively, you can specify and install Kee Guard yourself with our easy-to-follow instructions – it all starts with a call to our knowledgeable staff!

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