News / Kee Safety Donates to Children’s Miracle Network “Extra-Life” Event

Kee Safety Donates to Children’s Miracle Network “Extra-Life” Event

Kee Safety Donates to Children’s Miracle Network “Extra-Life” Event

Chris and Hans Brush are brothers and members of the Kee Safety team. 

Both have served as promoters and participants with Children’s Miracle Network “Extra-Life” Events. Aimed at railsing money for the Women's and Children's Hospital of Buffalo, the Brush brothers took place in a 24 hour "Game-a-thon." The Hospital provides assitance to children and parnets who can't afford their medical bills. Nation wide, the event raised $7 million. 

Hans Brush - "At 5am on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015, fellow Kee Safety employee Chris Brush and I kicked off our 24 hour “game-a-thon” known as “Extra-Life”. Leading up to this day, our goal was to raise a total of $1500 dollars for our local Women’s and Children’s hospital of Buffalo. The first 18 hours of the day were a blast, hosting a live video stream for friends, family, and acquaintances to watch us throughout our day, raising money for ill children who so badly need our financial support.  

Though playing games can be seen as simple in normal day to day life, sitting for 24 hours straight with hardly any breaks brings games to a whole new level. Most up 24 hour “up all night” events involve physical activity that can actually help keep a person going and awake, fight the urge to fall asleep. When you sit in the same chair for a full 24 hours, this struggle is brought to a whole new level. By the time we reached midnight, our video stream was quiet as people went off to bed, and we were flying alone the remaining 5 hours. With bloodshot eyes and incredible mental fatigue after a whole day of mind exercise, our brains just wanted to shut down and could barely focus on the goal at hand. But we made it! From our efforts we raised $1451 dollars total of our $1500 goal, which goes until the end of November – we have confidence we will hit our target!"