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Kee Access® Ramps

Modular accessibility ramp makes your business physically more accessible

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Ramp up access

Any company that wants to adhere to current accessibility guidelines for people with disabilities must have access ramps. Kee Access offers a method of granting secure access to a residence or place of business without the necessity for significant alterations to the current building.
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Kee Access® Creates Superior Compliance

Get Compliant

ADA access is not optional for today's business. Bring your accessibility into line without the usual construction headaches.

Take it Easy

Kee Access ramps are a simple way to ensure compliance. Compliance can be completed immediately with prompt availability and installation.

Reduced Maintenance

All metal components are galvanized, stainless, or aluminum to ensure long-lasting durability. Holes in the treads shed water, snow, and ice to ensure year-round safe access.

Features of Kee Access


Kee Access was designed to be compliant with Canada, US and international accessibility standards. Compliant handrails, widths, and slopes are all standard parts of the ramp's design.

Modularity with Flexibility

Modular sections make the ramp easy to design and install. Kee Klamp components allow for simple modifications that will give your ramp a built-in look.

Trusted Components

Kee Access ramps are built using Kee Klamp fittings. Kee Klamp has been used to build accessibility and safety railing for over eighty years. Your ramp will last for years without maintenance.

Built-In Look

The access ramp has a more established look than other modular ramp solutions and can be color-matched to your facility to create a perfect fit.

Kee Access in Action

Ramps Built to Meet Local & International Standards

Below are the four primary areas to consider when purchasing an access ramp.

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You must provide the proper slope

As a rule, the shallower the slope, the easier the access. The regulations for maximum slope vary according to where the ramp is installed. ADA requires a slope of 1:12 (~5 degrees) for public access.

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You must provide the proper clearance for navigation

In the US, 36 inches is a general figure that applies to the width of a ramp. This also applies to the available space on a landing, clear of any door swing paths.

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You must provide a flat landing for long distances and changes in direction

Any time a ramp changes direction, a flat landing needs to be in place. Additionally, for a 1:15 slope, a landing must be provided every 15 feet.

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You must provide the proper grab rails and guardrails on the ramp.

Grabrails must be smooth and continuous. Guardrails, where required, should be a minimum of 42 inches in height.

Kee Access Stands Out from the Crowd

Steel, wood, concrete and aluminum are the usual materials considered for access ramps. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Kee Klamp® Fittings are galvanized to an industry standard and are a fundamental component of our access ramp solution.

Kee Access Competition

It's the Details that Make Kee Access Different

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Kee Klamp fittings

Kee Access ramps use tried and tested Kee Klamp fittings for construction

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Smooth and continuous handrails can be powder coated for added comfort and aesthetic appeal

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Vertical bar infill panels

Anti-climb, galvanised premium infill panel can be added to any ramp

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Anti-slip walkway

Fiberglass mini mesh makes the ramp suitable for all weather conditions

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Edge guard that guides the user around the access route

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Load bearing feet

Adjustable on-site to accommodate most ground conditions

Helpful files for Designing an Access Ramp

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • What options are available?
      The railing can be color-matched to the property to complement classic or contemporary structures. Extra safety and convenience include color contrasted floor panels, a middle “child” rail option, and a stair module.
    • How can I be sure users will be safe?
      Kee Access® has been designed and created by professional engineers and is backed by a global network of support. Rigorous testing to standards around the world has been completed in our internationally recognized test center. Additionally, the Kee Klamp® fittings that make up Kee Access® have a long track record of protecting people and stopping accidents.
    • How much maintenance is required?
      Much less than wooden or concrete structures, and in many cases less than other metal ramps. Kee Access® is made from galvanized steel – this protective coating prevents rust and kills moss. The anti-slip ramp surface has integrated grit and drainage holes to prevent the build-up of water and ice.
    • How quickly can it be delivered and installed?
      Because our ramps are built with standard Kee Klamp® components, stock availability is generally not a problem. Once the purchase order is received, delivery can be arranged within days. A simple ramp can be fitted within a day. More complex structures for commercial use might take up to a week to install.
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12 Dec 2022

Kee Safety: Innovations in facility accessibility

Today’s facility managers and owners are aligned on the importance of accessibility. And indeed, modern facility designs and retrofits reflect an effort to create spaces that all can use. Nevertheless, there are always opportunities to improve and innovate the ways to make offices, schools, malls, and all other facilities we rely upon safer and more welcoming for everyone.

Highest standards for disability access requirements

  • Conforms to the regulatory requirements of Building Regs. Part M for DDA compliance
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1562
  • Made of galvanized cast iron to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Kee Klamp pipe fittings are galvanized to BS 729 (ISO 1461) and ASTM A153 which can last for over 30 years.
  • BS EN 10255 (ISO 65) steel tubes
  • Components are TÜV certified for strength, manufacturing quality and consistency.
  • Robust quality inspection procedure conforming to ISO 9001
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