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Kee Rigid Anchor Rooftop Construction

Cal/OSHA Codes for Roof Tie-Back

The State of California has special requirements for anchors on buildings over 48’ tall or 4 stories.

Cal/OSHA Title 8, Article 5, Section 3291:
Section (f) Roof Tie-Backs

Buildings 36’+ or 3+ stories tall:  Required to have roof tie-backs unless you can achieve window washing and unscheduled maintenance from ground-based equipment.

Buildings 48’+ or 4+ stories tall: Must provide anchors regardless of whether or not ground based equipment can be used. 

Kee Safety Kee Rigid Anchor Rooftop Installation 700 295
Anchor Solutions for Safe Building Maintenance and Fall Protection

Roof Anchors should be installed at approximately 12’ intervals.

Anchor spacing may depend on roof structure: " the availability of roof structural framing members of sufficient strength to safely carry applied loads". Additionally, Tie-Backs may be installed in structural parapets that are of adequate strength to sustain applied loads, but, placement must be as close to the roof level as practicable.

Cal/OSHA standards are more rigorous than the standard regulations set forth by OSHA, ANSI and IWCA in the 49 other states. Kee Rigid Anchors are Cal/OSHA-compliant and are built to meet these strict specifications. 

Zero deformation at a 5,000-pound load is a distinct requirement which demands special engineering, design and manufacturing. Kee Rigid Anchors exceed this specification.

It is important to remember that the supporting structure of your building needs additional attention in order to sustain these loads. Kee Rigid Anchors have been third-party tested and engineered to follow California's very strict Cal/OSHA design standards. 

Kee Rigid Anchors are the smart anchor solution for fall arrest and tie-back applications.