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Kee Step / Crossover / Fall Protection / Roof Fall Protection / Roof Fall Protection Canada

Customized Stepover for Safe Roof Access Overcoming Obstructions

Project Overview

This project, located in Woodbridge (ON), involved the construction of a new data center building for EllisDon, the leading global construction services company delivering projects in every market sector around the world. As with any large-scale construction project, it was ensuring worker safety was a top priority. This was especially true for those requiring access to the building's rooftop during various stages of construction and for ongoing maintenance after completion.

Kee Step / Crossover / Fall Protection / Roof Fall Protection / Roof Fall Protection Canada
EllisDon was building a new data centre building and they needed to provide fall protection and safe access to the roof.

The Challenge

Our esteemed client, a global construction leader, was faced with a significant challenge. They were constructing a new data center building, and ensuring worker safety during construction, especially for those needing rooftop access, was of utmost importance. This access was crucial for various tasks throughout the construction process and would be required for ongoing maintenance after completion.

The Solution

Through a strong partnership with our client, Kee Safety designed a comprehensive fall protection and access solution for the data center's rooftop. Our Kee Step system, a testament to our collaborative efforts, provided the versatility needed for this project.

  • Kee Step Rooftop Crossovers: As construction progressed, different areas of the roof required access. We strategically placed Kee Step Rooftop Crossovers throughout the roof space to address this dynamic need. These prefabricated platforms allowed workers to safely step over pipes, ducts, and other rooftop obstacles, ensuring uninterrupted and secure access to all areas.
Kee Step / Crossover / Fall Protection / Roof Fall Protection / Roof Fall Protection Canada
It became apparent that Kee Safety Kee Step platforms were required for safe access throughout the roof.

The Benefits

Our Solution, the Kee Step Rooftop Crossovers, made a significant impact on safety. It drastically reduced the risk of falling from height, a typical construction site hazard, thereby enhancing the safety of all personnel accessing the rooftop.

  • Improved Efficiency: The designated Kee Walk path and strategically placed Kee Step platforms streamlined worker movement across the rooftop. This enhanced efficiency by minimizing time spent navigating obstacles and maximizing focus on completing tasks safely.
  • Adaptability: The Kee Klamp system's modular design reassured us that we could easily customize it throughout the construction process. As new rooftop features emerged, we could readily incorporate additional Kee Walk sections or Kee Step platforms, ensuring continued safe access.
  • Long-Term Value: The Kee Step Rooftop Crossovers are not just temporary solutions. They are built to last, ensuring that even after construction is complete, these Kee Safety solutions will continue to provide safe access for maintenance personnel, thereby securing long-term value for the client.
Kee Step / Crossover / Fall Protection / Roof Fall Protection / Roof Fall Protection Canada

Through collaboration and a commitment to safety, Kee Safety provided a comprehensive fall protection and access solution that met the evolving needs of this global construction leader's data center project. The Kee Step Rooftop Crossovers ensured worker safety throughout construction and will continue to do so during the building's operational life.

Finished Project

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