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Safe Access Solution for Ease of Access over Large Diameter Pipes

Denka Company Ltd manufactures organic and inorganic chemicals, cement and cement additives, and electronic component transfer materials, and food packaging materials.

Denka needed to provide safe access for maintenance workers on their roof over the top of existing pipes.


  • The 2 systems were partially assembled in Kee Safey's Singapore warehouse.
  • Kee Safety recycled PVC base weights were utilized to avoid roof penetrations or the need for hot work permits.
  • The assembly on site took 1 day.
The customer was very happy with the solution and service we provided


  • These platforms provide safe access for the maintenance workers to go over the top of the existing pipes and ducting to access the plant they need to work on.
  • Due to the design of the platforms, workers can carry tools and equipment over the existing pipes.
rooftop crossovers fall protection

The top of all rooftop crossovers

Roof surfaces can be extremely dangerous places to work, but not if Kee Walk Stepover is installed. It provides a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface to access areas of the roof and to safely walk across it. Step sections are adjustable and can be used on sloped roofs too. Added to this, it also protects the roof sheet from foot traffic.
Kee Walk Stepover