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Kee Guard / Fall Protection / Roofers

Kee Guard and Kee Step installed for HVAC Maintenance on the roof

Project Overview

Kee Safety was entrusted with the task of enhancing worker safety at this returning customer's new building at the Chatham facility, Greenfield Global Inc., the leading supplier of high-purity alcohols, specialty solvents, custom blended solutions, and fuel ethanol to businesses worldwide. The customer, with a plant in Ontario, has consistently relied on our expertise.

Kee Guard / Fall Protection / Roofers
Greenfield Global Inc. built a new building on the plant, which required a guardrail and platform to access the HVAC mechanical unit on the roof.

The Challenge

The site visit confirmed the locations where self-closing safety gates would be required. Each location was measured to understand where extra components would be required due to different-sized openings.

The Solution

Kee Safety designed and installed a comprehensive fall protection system that included:

  • Kee Guard: These robust guardrails provide a secure barrier along the roof's perimeter, preventing accidental falls.
  • Kee Step: This was installed to offer workers a safe and stable solution for accessing and servicing the HVAC unit.
Kee Step / Unprotected Roof Edge / Fall Protection / Roof Guardrail  / Roof Fall Protection / Roof Fall Protection Canada
The maintenance staff no longer needs to be tied off in order to move safely between the upper and lower roofs.

The Benefits

The Kee Safety solution delivered several critical benefits for the alcohol manufacturer plant:

  • Enhanced Worker Safety: The guardrails and steps create a safe route over objects and obstructions on the rooftop without penetrating the roof membrane, allowing them to move safely and efficiently while performing maintenance tasks.
  • Easily Configured: Thanks to its modular components, the Kee Safety system ensures worker safety and helps streamline maintenance procedures, the installation is simple ensuring minimal on-site disruption. This is a tangible result of our commitment to safety and efficiency.
  • Compliance with Regulations: The system adheres to all relevant safety regulations for fall protection.
  • Peace of Mind: The client can rest assured that their workers are protected while working at heights, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. This assurance is a testament to the effectiveness of our safety solutions.

The client plant has benefited from the safety solutions provided by Kee Safety in the past, and this project is a testament to our continued collaboration and commitment to ensuring the safety of their workers. Kee Safety is committed to developing cutting-edge fall protection solutions that can ensure the safety of workers operating in diverse industries.

Finished Project

How Kee Guard is Assembled

See just how easy it is to assemble our Kee Guard system onto your roof space.

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