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Rooftop Railing Solutions for Metal Roof

Railing system secured to aluminum backed, insulated sandwich panels was required at a logistics center in Northern Spain for a fast-growing supermarket chain - Lidl. Within the cool rooms, apart from the main load bearing structure, the whole space is made of insulating sandwich panels (12 to 18 cm thick) with outer aluminum layers. The cool rooms within the logistic center have ceilings that are hanging from the main roof and are placed at different heights. This generates fall hazards for the maintenance personnel that will access the space between the ceilings and the roof. Lidl wanted to prevent this hazard by installing guardrails on the borders of these surfaces.

Lidl decided on Kee Safety’s Top Fix because it was the only solution that could be fixed to the sandwich panels without breaking them and at the same time offering the level of safety they needed.


  • Prior to order, Lidl requested a short run sample installation.
  • After the successful installation of the sample, Lidl proceeded with the full project scope.
Lidl wanted to protect its workers against rooftop hazards by installing guardrails on the borders of these surfaces.


Lidl opted for KeeGuard Top Fix because it provides a compliant solution that could be installed on the particular sandwich panels they had as a flooring.

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Metal Roof Fall Protection

Fully OHSA compliant, KeeGuard TopFix keeps your team safe by creating a safe perimeter for maintenance or inspection safety. Its special standing seam system means there’s no need for drilling, special anchoring, or penetration of the roof. In addition, fitting this system is a breeze considering there are no special tools, welding, bending, or threading needed.
KeeGuard Topfix