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Roofing Safely During a Solar Eclipse with Kee Guard Foldable Safety Guardrail

The Niagara Parks Commission anticipated a surge in visitors due to their prime location for viewing the eclipse. To ensure visitor safety during this significant event, the Commission sought a reliable safety solution for their rooftop areas.

The Solution

While rooftop railings are a simple and ideal way to provide a safe environment for accessing roofs, at the same time, railings around the top of a roof may detract from the look of a building. Our folding version of the modular Kee Guard is a safe and effective guardrail solution for roofs where aesthetics are a concern. Kee Guard foldable safety guardrail is the ideal solution when collective protection is required without having permanently visible railings.

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Kee Guard foldable safety guardrail is a folding handrail system designed to preserve the aesthetics of a building. It utilizes a hinged version of the standard Kee Guard base fitting, allowing the guardrail to be easily lifted into place during work and then quickly folded back down when finished. A simple locking pin is all that needs to be removed from the fitting to allow it to pivot.
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The Kee Guard system was installed more than 6’ away from the edge, marking the areas that can be accessed and creating a barrier to prevent people from getting near the edge. In other words, the railing system is not only keeping people away from the edge but also protecting them.

The Benefits

  • Folding Solution: Easy to fold down and put back up when needed.
  • Roofing Safely: Ensures a safe environment for hosting rooftop gatherings.
  • Non-Penetrating and Permanent Solution: Kee Guard guardrail system is a permanent solution for roof edge protection. This not only allowed them to host people safely during the eclipse event but also for future gatherings.
  • Quick and Easy to Install: Modular design ensures quick and safe installation in almost any configuration.


The ease of installing Kee Guard foldable safety guardrail made it the optimal solution for the customer's needs. The system provides roof edge protection at Table Rock Table Rock Centre, allowing them to host events on roof safely and attracting visitors to their prime location for viewing the eclipse near Niagara Falls. This Kee Guard ensured a safe and successful eclipse experience for everyone during the solar eclipse.

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No barriers to a safer roof with Kee Guard safety railing

KeeGuard® is the industry leading modular, free-standing safety railing system that is not fixed directly to the roof membrane. It’s an OH&S compliant, permanent, and dependable safety guardrail barrier for a roof edge that is suitable for virtually any flat roof up to a 5° slope – keeping your workforce safe. KeeGuard is the safety rail standard recognized for superior rooftop fall protection by companies all over the world.

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