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5 Safety Tips for the Rail Industry

The rail industry in Canada is vital to the economy and well-being of the people. It facilitates the movement of raw materials and goods across the country and offers commuters, visitors, and tourists comfortable transit over long and short distances. Worker and passenger safety is as wide-ranging and complex as the railroad networks in Canada. Fall protection is one aspect that should not be overlooked.

Safety Solutions for Rail Sector / Fall protection for Rail Sector
Safety Railing / Rail Station / Fall Protection / Kee Klamp

Rails to Rails

Safety railings are among the most valuable and versatile means of providing physical barriers and fall protection. For strength and durability, weather resistance, and to meet regulations, they should be constructed of galvanized steel or lightweight—and often more aesthetic—aluminum.

Railings help prevent workers and passengers from accidentally falling onto the tracks at transit stations. They also designate areas for passage that maintain order and reduce the likelihood of falls as people navigate the station. A self-closing gate should be installed for safe entry and exit—especially at stairs and elevated work areas.

Smooth handrail systems are used with accessibility ramps that enable persons with disabilities to traverse the station. Handrails are also installed within train cars to offer stability to passengers and crew as they move about.

Pit Covers / Fall Protection / Rail Industry

Step by Step

Anti-slip walkways help workers reach elevated platforms and traverse rooftops where inspections, maintenance, and repairs for HVAC and other support systems are needed. A crossover platform enables workers to cross over obstacles such as cables, piping, ductwork, and a change in level.

Taking the other view—down below—construction and maintenance vehicles also need servicing. Inspection pits enhance safety compared to lifts, but the pit should be covered when not in use. Adjustable, retractable pit covers of strong yet lightweight aluminum are safer than ad hoc measures like plywood or particle boards.

Kee Track / Fall Arrest / Fall Protection

On the Right Track

Rail cars are often loaded, unloaded, and serviced from overhead, a daunting and dangerous task complicated by different heights of freight car conveyors. A rigid rail fall arrest system with a trolley mounted to a track gives a worker the flexibility and protection to handle the job.

A horizontal lifeline is another fall arrest system for working at heights and overhead. It provides a greater working range and can accommodate up to three people with edge protection.

Kee Platform / Work Platform / Rail Industry

Arriving on this Platform

Elevated work platforms in rail yards enable workers to access trains and equipment in a secure working environment. They combine components such as anti-slip treads and railings to build workstations with greater safety and productivity than ladders. Maintenance platforms can be designed in different configurations.

Traffic Shield

Moving vs. Non-moving Objects

Hopefully, collisions between service vehicles and walls, support posts, and other infrastructure can be avoided. But if there is an accident, guardrails can protect corners and stretches of walls. Column guards provide a barrier for posts and other uprights.

Safety Training Courses / PFPE Competent Inspector Training

Training for the Train

Even where railing systems are in place, Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) offers an enhanced measure of worker safety. Using a lifeline, for example, is not as simple as tying and untying work boots. Workers and supervisors must be professionally trained to wear and operate the equipment and to inspect their PFPE before and after every use.

Safe Passage

Rail industry safety in Canada is far-reaching and complex; however, attention to fall protection can help alleviate a facet of the challenge. Guardrails are essential safety solutions, as are overhead and horizontal lifelines, overhead tracks, lifelines, work platforms, and facility barriers. Implementing such measures will help provide safe passage for train riders and workers alike.

Rail Industry Brochure

Safety Systems for the Rail Sector Brochure

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Established in 1934, Kee Safety has been a preferred safety partner to the railway industry for over 85 years.

We are a global leader in intelligent safety solutions, supplying innovative components and custom systems for hand railings, guardrails, roof edge protection, fall protection and safe access equipment. Kee Safety has supplied and installed safety barrier and fall protection systems across thousands of miles of rail networks.

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