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7 Engineered Safety Solutions for Aviation

Two things come quickly to the mind of most passengers when the subject of aviation safety is brought up:

1. How long will it take me to get through airport security?
2. Is the plane air-worthy to fly?

It is hard to argue against the need to screen travellers before they board a flight; however, there are shortcuts to make the experience quicker and more comfortable. Canada’s Verified Traveller Program expedites clearance for pre-screened passengers at ten major airports nationwide. Individual airlines may also offer quicker passage through security—for those who pay an additional fee, of course.

There are no shortcuts to ensure the plane is in top mechanical condition for flight. In fact, according to Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) SOR-96-433—Subpart 71, there is a wide array of aircraft maintenance requirements that need to be followed for general (e.g., ramp checks) and specialized (e.g., frame, engine, propeller) maintenance, repairs, modifications, and installation of spare parts.

Another level of safety may not immediately come to mind; however, fall protection systems for maintenance personnel are also critical. They work at elevated heights to ensure your flight is mechanically safe and that airport building facilities function optimally. Like flight crews, maintenance workers undergo extensive training and are more competent and qualified after completing fall protection and rescue training.

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1. Modular Work Platforms

Whether servicing a jumbo jet or a small helicopter, accessing the front, back, and sides of an aircraft requires working at height. Ladders are inherently inefficient and not as safe as an elevated work platform.

Constructed of aluminum or galvanized steel frames and guardrails for strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, work platforms feature anti-slip, non-bounce, self-draining treads for steps and platform decks. Toe boards can be included for added slip and fall protection and provide a barrier against tools falling below.

Elevated work platforms can be built to the size needed and offer workers outstanding freedom of movement. Options include:

  • Static Work Platforms are designed for frequent use at a permanent station, yet their modular design allows for easy reconfiguration.
  • Mobile Work Platforms are equipped with heavy-duty locking casters to provide station-to-station portability or perform tasks where the platform needs to be moved in and out of the holding area.
  • Custom Work Platforms are typically built to service a specific aircraft type and can be engineered to include shop services and adjustable height capability.
Kee Track / Fall Protection / Aviation / Overhead Rigid Rail

2. Overhead Rigid Rail

Accessing the top of an aircraft safely is particularly challenging. An overhead rigid rail system—easily installed in aircraft hangars—tethers workers to a stable anchorage. It allows freedom of movement, especially for precise, technical work, and in case of a slip, the system stops the worker quickly. This prevents further injury or damage and reduces trauma by eliminating the “pendulum effect.”

Kee Guard / Fall Protection / Roof Guardrails / Guardrail System

3. Roof Guardrails

From regional airports to major hubs, airport terminals and ancillary buildings require workers to access the roof and perform maintenance and repair operations for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC), and other building services systems.

A perimeter roof guardrail system provides workers with the best overall safety measure for flat or low-sloped roofs. As a “collective” system, it protects several people at once without special training or equipment. Constructed of aluminum or galvanized steel for strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, the modular system is easily installed without welding, drilling, or penetrating the roof membrane.

rooftop walkway / rooftop fall protection / fall protection equipment / rooftop safety / Kee Walk

4. Roof Walkways

Whether a flat or architecturally contoured airport building, a roof walkway system set on galvanized steel frames provides a safe path for workers to traverse the roof without damaging the rooftop. Its anti-slip treads are also self-draining to help prevent slips and falls from water and ice. Walkways can be fitted with guardrails for added fall protection.

Kee Line / Horizontal lifeline / fall arrest / fall restraint system

5. Horizontal Lifelines

A horizontal lifeline is a personal or “active” fall protection system with outstanding versatility. It features galvanized and stainless steel components, is engineered for the roof configuration, and can support up to three workers at once across a span of 39 feet (11.9 meters).

Kee Anchor / Roof Anchors / Mobile tie-off anchors / Tieoff Point

6. Roof Anchors

A compliant anchorage is the founding force of a horizontal lifeline system. Single-point roof anchors designed explicitly for horizontal lifelines are installed permanently. Mobile tie-off anchors are a deadweight system with a post to provide optimum flexibility.

Personal Fall Protection Equipment training /  PFPE Training / PFPE inspectors

7. Training

Certified training courses will enhance the practical application and “culture of safety” in aviation maintenance.

Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) training qualifies individuals as PFPE inspectors through examinations of equipment and identification of damaged equipment to be taken out of service.

Rescue After a Fall details the legal requirements of working at height and rescue, the hierarchy of controls, identifying the equipment needed to conduct a rescue, and carrying out a rescue.


Top-flight Safety for Aviation

As the pandemic subsides, an increasing number of passengers are taking to the airlines for business and pleasure travel. Their safety depends on security measures in the terminal and expert maintenance by professional crews. Fall protection systems and equipment that meet regulatory standards protect the workers who protect the passengers.

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