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What are Crossover Platforms and Where Can You Use Them?

“Star Wars” fans can debate whether Luke Skywalker crossed over to the Dark Side. However, building owners and facility managers agree that safe roof access and fall protection for their workers require a more practical and tangible crossover.

Trinity Project 4 Cropped & Small

Roof crossover platforms made for the grade

Roof crossover platforms are an easy way to overcome roof obstacles, obstructions, and changes in height. A simple, secure system consists of bases supporting uprights to brace railings and stairs leading up to and down a platform.

Since every roof is different, a modular design concept for a roof access platform allows for off-the-shelf and site-designed solutions. Ease of installation and durability are also important factors for roof access or crossover platforms.

Any place is the best place

A commercial, institutional, or industrial (CII) roof can have a host of trip hazards, including HVAC ducts, cables, control joints, drains, vents, piping, and other impediments. Rooftop crossovers enable workers to navigate a safe route over roofing hazards.

Although pipes, ducts, and the like are obstacles to workers, they are critical to the operation of the building. Roof platforms can also protect equipment from being damaged by workers and their tools.

Split-level buildings and height changes are other roof areas where a safe access platform can help considerably with fall prevention. Roof platforms featuring a modular design can best accommodate differences in elevation.

It’s in the details

From the ground up, a robust and durable rooftop crossover system is built from the following components:

Such a system does not penetrate the roof, will provide long-lasting performance, and with its modular design, can be installed or reconfigured with ease. Although standard-size roof crossover platforms are available, the modular components allow for full customization to meet an array of rooftop challenges.

KS KWA 1535 Medium Cropped

Protect you worker franchise

CII roofs are proliferating and expanding with systems and equipment. With it, there is an increased need for workers to have roof access to perform maintenance and repairs. Strong, weather-resistant, and compliant roof crossover platforms provide a safe and efficient path for workers to perform their tasks regardless of obstructions and changes in height.

So, for the next installment in the “Star Wars” franchise, Luke Skywalker can crossover into the dark side all he wants. For Luke Roofwalker on a roof access platform, any crossover will be safe and sound.

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