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Kee Platform / Fall Protection / Access Platform

What are the Best Safety Equipment Systems for Vehicle Maintenance Workers?

What are the Best Safety Equipment Systems for Vehicle Maintenance Workers?

The bigger they come, the harder they…are to access so maintenance workers don’t fall.

Large vehicles, such as trucks, buses, rail cars, and recreational vehicles, are substantial capital investments built for durability and long service life, but only if well-maintained. Employees need to work at height to reach the tops and sides of transportation cars and to access vehicles from underneath. To mitigate the inherent risks, effective and compliant safety equipment should be installed.

In addition, large vehicles moving about a facility pose hazards to workers and the physical structure. Safety equipment that protects key parts of the building is also necessary.

PitProtect / Pit Cover / Vehicle Maintenance

Get in Beneath the Ground floor

Maintenance pits offer safe access to the underside of vehicles for inspections, maintenance, and repairs. However, when no vehicle is in the service bay, these pits pose a significant fall hazard to workers. Warning signs or covering the pit with plywood are inadequate. Portable safety railings are effective, but they need to be set up and removed before and after the pit is used. This is cumbersome and inefficient for fleet operations and other high-volume businesses.

A concertina-style maintenance pit cover securely closes pit openings when not in use to prevent accidental falls. Constructed of strong yet lightweight aluminum capable of supporting the weight of personnel and equipment, it features locking pins to hold the cover in place at different lengths. The pit covers are easy to handle and corrosion-resistant.

A version of a pit cover with adjustable brackets is designed to provide fall protection on rail tracks. They can be left in position when rolling stock is using the rail track.

Kee Platform / Fall Protection / Access Platform

Safety on the Side

Work platforms provide a stable and secure surface for maintenance personnel to reach vehicles and rail cars from all sides and at elevated heights. They offer employees the greatest freedom of movement and compliant fall protection within a designated work area.

Work platforms are constructed of pipe-fitted safety railings and frames with stable base fittings and anti-slip glass-reinforced nylon or aluminum treads for the steps and platform surface areas. A self-closing safety gate provides added fall protection at the top of the stairs.

Static work platforms are ideal for frequent use at the same workstation, notably trailer fleets and rail cars. Mobile work platforms feature heavy-duty locking casters to move in and out of work areas and conveniently service multiple vehicles. A bespoke work platform can be engineered to order and include features such as adjustable height and shop services (e.g., electrical, air, water) for difficult-to-reach areas or other specific requirements.

Kee Track / Fall Protection

Above but Not Beyond

Overhead rigid rail systems provide a safe and efficient means of fall protection. They allow workers to perform their tasks without the worry of injury from a slip or fall. The rail systems are mounted from the ceiling in a perpendicular or parallel arrangement with a trolly and tie-off so that the worker traverses only the length of the track.

The system allows enough range to work from above on flat or curved vehicle roofs and provides fall arrest with a shorter drop in case of a slip. This reduces the possibility of injury to the worker and damage to the vehicle or equipment. A rigid rail system is easy to install, maintain, or reconfigure if necessary. It will provide safety compliance with minimal worker training.

Safety Railing/ Modular Railing / Kee Klamp Safety Railings / Kee Kwik Safety railing kit

Guardrails Complete the Circle of Safety

The same type of modular, pipe-fitted guardrails used on work platforms can provide compliant fall protection throughout a vehicle maintenance facility. Constructed of galvanized steel for strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, guardrails should be installed along elevated tracks and walkways, at inspection bays, open (non-service) pits, loading docks, and with handrails for stairs and ramps.

Warehouse protection / Safety barrier

Buildings Can Get Hurt, Too

Garage doors open and close along a track that can be damaged if hit by a bus, truck, or RV rolling in or out of the facility—or by a runaway forklift. Such an accident can cause the door to be lodged—open or closed—or come loose and present further danger. A heavy-duty “track shield” protects the front and side of a garage door track against collisions and can be floor-mounted or wall-mounted.

Other steel impact barriers around the facility will protect posts, columns, floors, corners, pipes, and other infrastructure from damage due to collisions. They are typically powder-coated in bright yellow for high visibility.

All Aboard for Worker and Facility Safety

Large commercial and recreational vehicles and railways are integral to the economy and contribute to personal convenience and enjoyment. Drivers and passengers depend on these vehicles to be safe and reliable over a long service life. This requires regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs by employees working at height, whose safety is essential. Where vehicles are involved, there is also the possibility of collisions with garage doors and the rest of the building. Fall protection for workers and barriers in the facility contribute to safety all around.

Vehicle Maintenance Brochure

Safety Systems For Vehicle Maintenance Brochure

As workplace safety experts we perform critical analysis inside your facility to identify the hazards where your workers are exposed to the greatest risk. This analysis ensures that the most dangerous areas are protected immediately with proven solutions that meet recognized standards and regulations.

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