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Where “Over-the-Top” Fall Protection Can Safeguard Workers

While there are many obvious areas where fall protection is needed— rooftops, mezzanines—there are places where people work at height that don’t always get enough attention.

A good example is the “office within an office,” a modular building inside a manufacturing plant or other facility. These structures offer quick access and integration to the main floor. They can be a manager’s office, conference room, laboratory, engineering department, break room, powder coating line, or much more.

Although their roofs require routine cleaning, maintenance, and possibly repairs, how often do these structures have a perimeter railing system to protect the worker? Can the roof support an anchorage point that provides proper clearance in case of a fall?

Do you even need fall protection?

A typical modular building is only about 2-1/2 meters tall. Just grab a ladder and hop on the roof. What could go wrong?

A misstep. Tripping over tools. A sneeze in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Despite the regulations, warnings, safety equipment expenditures, and training, falls from height remain a leading cause of workplace injury and death. A person can fall 2 meters in less than a second, enough to cause serious harm to an unprotected worker.

Get on the right track

With its new Kee Track® overhead fall protection system, Kee Safety now offers a simple, strong, and economical way to enable workers to perform their tasks from above with the confidence of greater safety.

The backbone of Kee Track is a rigid rail held in place by clamshell rail clamps affixed to hangers that mount to existing roof purlins or secondary steel. A standard retractable fall arrest block fastens to a smooth-gliding traveler on the underside of the rail to attach to the user. The block and traveler act like a seat belt to restrain a fall.


Kee Track is tested rigorously to meet or exceed:

Versatile application for industry

Kee Track is ideal wherever the distance required to stop a fall is small. This is vital to protect the worker and the equipment or surface being worked on. With the capability to be installed in buildings with high or standard roof heights—especially where floor space is at a premium—Kee Track is ideal for:

Safety and savings

Kee Track arrests falls with a shorter drop, and it can be configured for up to four workers at a time. The system also eliminates the pendulum effect that can tug at other workers. It is easy to use, thus requiring less training for optimum fall protection.

The system can be specified with simple on-site measurements and sets up quickly using standard tools and a lifting device—no welding—to minimize downtime and disruption. Flexible mounting options allow for parallel or perpendicular (or both) installation. If workspace requirements and layouts change, Kee Track is modular so that it can be reconfigured.

Kee Track is designed to last up to 25 years with standard usage and annual maintenance. Its steel components are galvanized to EN ISO 1461 to provide a corrosion-resistant finish and enable it to be installed outdoors. Compared to cable systems, Kee Track is less susceptible to degradation and requires less maintenance.

The bottom line

“Over the top” implies going too far or doing too much, but is anything over the top anymore in this day and age?

When it comes to worker safety and fall protection, there is no such thing as going too far or doing too much. Kee Track gives everyone the peace of mind they need when working over the top of a plane, truck, or office within an office.

Kee Track Fall Protection Solution