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Fall Protection for Transportation, Trucking & Rail Industry

Protect Workers from the Hazards of Working Around Trucks and Railcars

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Employ Critical Safety Measures

In order to secure the goods, workers frequently need to board railcars or flatbed trailers, or they may need to take off tarps and other securing materials before offloading.

In the case of a slip or other accident, they run the risk of suffering major injuries or perhaps passing away without sufficient fall protection.

For instance, for trains on routes electrified with overhead lines, the pantograph, or “pan” on the locomotive roof is held up with compressed air pressure.

The apparatus requires periodic preventative maintenance, some of which can only be done on the locomotive roof. For this situation, if the worker can access the roof near the pan and does not need access to the rest of the roof, an inexpensive single-point anchor with a self-retracting lifeline (SRL) might be the only fall arrest system needed.

Safety Products for the Transportation Industry

KS KTR 4274 Medium

Kee Track®

In many facilities there is a need to access the top of vehicles for maintenance and construction. Kee Track offers dependable safety and short fall arrest distances when loading and working on top of mobile equipment. Fixed to the ceiling with a unique range of mounting options, Kee Track is designed to maintain on open floor plan using structurally-mounted, low-profile rails that maximize work zones.

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Kee® Mobile Work Platforms

Kee Platform can be designed to reach complex places with ease. Made from modular Kee Klamp components, access platforms can be designed to suit any task with minimal disruption to existing work processes.

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Kee Klamp® Railing

International regulations specify that any fall distance can pose a serious danger. The safest method of providing protection is separating people from all hazards with railing. Kee Klamp Modular Railing protects people from falling from mezzanines and other elevated surfaces.

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PitProtect / PitCovers / Vehicle Maintenance
21 Mar 2023

Safe Access and Fall Protection Tips for Vehicle Maintenance Workers

What about safety for the vehicle maintenance worker? Trucks, buses, vans, airplanes, railcars, and other vehicles need regular service to operate safely. Workers must access vehicles from above, below, and all around the body. They are at risk of debilitating or fatal injury without the proper fall protection equipment.

Safety for Warehouses and Vehicle Maintenance / fall protection equipment / safe access platform / rigid rail / safety railings

The Logistics of Safety for Warehouses and Vehicle Maintenance

The first thing that usually comes to mind when citing safety statistics for commercial transportation is vehicular accidents on the highway. Such mishaps are unfortunate and can be tragic, but they are not the only part of the business where safety is a concern. The interior of warehouses and vehicle maintenance facilities also require attention and safety solutions in the logistics industry, notably for fall protection and impact protection.

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Vehicle Maintenance Brochure

Safety Systems For Vehicle Maintenance Brochure

As workplace safety experts we perform critical analysis inside your facility to identify the hazards where your workers are exposed to the greatest risk. This analysis ensures that the most dangerous areas are protected immediately with proven solutions that meet recognized standards and regulations.

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