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Your entry to the rope access industry

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The IRATA Level 1 is the entry level into the rope access industry.

An IRATA Level 1 technician will be able to perform a range of rope access maneuvres and have an understanding of the current legislation. An IRATA Level 1 is required to be supervised by an IRATA Level 3 technician.

Level 1 rope access technician is:

  • Able to perform a range of rope access maneuvres
  • Responsible for inspections of all his/her own personal rope access equipment.
  • Able to assist in rigging and non-standard operations, under supervision of a level 3
  • Able to undertake a rescue involving descent by him/herself and have knowledge of hauling systems

Our IRATA Level 1 training is available in Canada.

Course Details


Independent assessor will assess on a written question paper and practical examination.

Course Duration

5 Days. The training will be over 4 days with the 5th day being an assessment by an independent assessor.

Revalidation period

Certification valid for 3 years.

Refresher Training

Refresher training is available to in-date technicians who have not used rope access methods for a period of more than six months. Initially, it is carried out as one days' training, either on a Tuesday or Thursday

Included in Course

All of the equipment for training will be provided in the course cost. On passing the assessment the candidates will receive an IRATA Certificate included in the course cost.


Level 1:

Level 2 & 3:

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