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Includes: use of equipment during training.

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This course is for personnel who are required to operate a Mobile Elevated Work Platform - MEWP and already have working at height training with fall protection equipment. It has been designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and competence to undertake a pre-use check of scissor and boom lift style MEWPs, identify types and components of different MEWPs, and to operate an MEWP safely.

The theoretical content covers the relevant legislation, roles and responsibilities, MEWP types and components, safety features, and safe operating procedures of MEWPs.

The practical content covers the selection of appropriate PPE, pre-use checks, connecting to an anchor point, familiarization, and the safe driving and operation of scissor and boom lift style MEWPs.

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Course dates:

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Course available on our Kee Safety Training Centre located in Calgary - AB. 

We also can provide training on-site. 

Course Details

Assessment Method

Written and practical.

Course Duration

1 Day

Certification & Revalidation Period

PDF copy of Certificate. Certification valid for 3 years. Revalidation duration: 1 Day

Learning Outcomes

This course will cover the basic, safe operation of an MEWP in a controlled environment. Students will leave with an understanding of the types and components of MEWPs and their uses, the hazards associated with MEWP use, and PPE requirements for MEWP operation.

Entry Requirements

Minimum Age of 18 years. Candidates need to be physically fit and free from any disability or medical condition that may prevent them from working safely. A self-certified statement of reasonable fitness. Have already completed a working at height training course.

Course Aims:

To provide an overview of the legal requirements for MEWP use, carry out pre-use checks on scissor and boom lift style MEWPs, familiarization and operation of scissor and boom lift style MEWPs in a controlled environment.

Course Content

Theoretical Knowledge:

  1. Legislation and Legal Responsibilities
  2. PFPE Requirements
  3. MEWP Types and Components
  4. Hazards Associated with MEWP Use
  5. Emergency Lowering Devices

Practical Skills:

  1. Selection of PFPE Equipment
  2. Identification and connection to the anchor point
  3. Pre-use checks on scissor and boom lift style MEWPs
  4. Familiarization with MEWPs platform and ground controls
  5. Locating the emergency lowering device
  6. Safely drive and operate scissor and boom lift style MEWP in a controlled environment


  1. Explain the legal requirements relating to MEWP use
  2. Explain the hierarchy of controls while the working at height
  3. Identify the PFPE equipment required operate an MEWP
  4. Carry out a pre-use check on a scissor and boom lift style MEWP
  5. Familiarization with scissor and boom lift style MEWPs
  6. Operate and drive scissor and boom lift style in a controlled environment
  7. Discuss and review recertification and training

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