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Skylight Screens / Kee Cover / Fall Protection Systems

Safety Solutions for Rooftop Openings

At first glance, a hole in the roof seems like a bad idea, but rooftop openings have served practical purposes for centuries. In Roman, Byzantine, Renaissance, and Neoclassical architecture, the “oculus” (circular opening in the center of a dome) enabled light to enter the building and illuminate the inside as well as provide ventilation.

In modern times, skylights allow natural light to brighten the interior and also offer ventilation. Roof hatches are another type of opening in a roof. They enable egress for maintenance and repair workers to service HVAC systems and other equipment.

Fall protection systems for workers using roof hatches and traversing a rooftop dotted with skylights also merit more than a first glance. An open hatch is an obvious hazard, and it should never be assumed that a skylight can support the weight of even one worker who missteps, trips, or falls.

Kee Dome / Skylight Railing / Fall Protection Systems

Guardrail Fall Protection for Domed Skylights

A domed skylight has several attributes. The round or curved shape helps reduce glare from incoming light and provides a more even distribution of softer light within the interior space. It is harder to see through a dome compared to a flat surface. Water drains more easily. Many roof domes, however, are constructed of plastic and cannot support the weight of a worker. Skylight fall protection is needed.

For flat membrane roofs, a modular guardrail system surrounding the dome will prevent workers from stepping onto the skylight. The railing posts are locked in PVC bases with clamping rings that fit securely into the skylight base. The assembly does not penetrate the membrane, and the railings and connecting components are constructed of aluminum or galvanized steel for durability and corrosion resistance. 

The modular, bespoke design adapts to any size dome and can be expanded. The railing system can also be powder-coated for greater visibility and safety or aesthetic considerations.

Safety Screens / Kee Cover / Skylight Screens / Fall Protection Systems

Versatile Safety Screens Fall Protection for Skylights

For flat, trapezoidal, and standing seam metal roofs, skylight cover screens provide compliant fall protection without blocking the sunshine. The components and mesh are constructed of strong and corrosion-resistant aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. They are easy to install and are available in four formats:

  • Corrugated metal roof screen that attaches to the metal rib over the skylight.
  • Standing seam metal roof screen that clamps instead of using penetrating fasteners.
  • Roof screen that attaches to the skylight frame but rests the weight on the roof.
  • Curb-style skylight screen uses non-penetrating compression with fasteners.
Roof hatch / Kee Hatch / Roof Railings / Fall Protection Systems

Fall Protection Equipment for Roof Hatches

The roof edge may come immediately to mind when assessing danger areas on a rooftop. However, a worker accessing the roof through a roof hatch will have at least two points of contact with a hazard: coming and going from the roof. 

A roof hatch guardrail system has grab bars to help the person reach (and exit) the roof and a self-closing gate to ensure that a worker does not fall back through the hatch opening. Pipe-fitted modular systems are designed to fit all standard roof hatches and can be installed easily by one person with simple tools and no special training. The systems are secured directly to the hatch or mounted in heavy-duty PVC bases so they do not penetrate the roof.

Various styles are available for standard, offset, double-leaf hatches, forward barriers, and fire vents. The railings and fitting components can be galvanized steel or aluminum – both are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. The height of the railings should be 42 inches (107 cm) and can be powder-coated for added visibility and safety.

Safety Training Courses / PFPE Competent Inspector Training

Additional Certified Training Measures

When rooftop access includes the use of fall arrest systems, such as lifelines, certified training is also necessary.

PFPE Competent Inspector Training – Designed for inspectors of fall protection equipment to identify defects and damage and to take corrective action.

Rescue After a Fall – Designed to work specifically with harnesses and lanyards on rooftops, scaffolds, lifts, and other circumstances.

Open Season for Safe Roof Openings

Skylights and roof hatches are openings in the roof that building owners, employers and safety managers cannot ignore. Although they may seem harmless—especially skylights—they require fall protection equipment that will meet regulatory standards and protect workers. Guardrail systems and skylight screens meet these needs yet allow the sun to shine in.

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