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Safety Solutions for Mining Industry

Protecting your workers from hazards.


Preventing Fall Fatalities

Falls are among the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. Slips and falls are major causes of mining accidents each year. The lack of fall protection is the cause of many accidents and fatalities.

Ensuring mining safety requires proper mining safety equipment. To avoid hazards, the mine manager must set up the workplace to prevent employees from falling, slipping, and tripping on the site.

3 Main Safety Products for the Mining Industry


Kee Klamp® Modular Railing

Mine operators should ensure that guardrails are installed to prevent contact between miners and any moving parts of a conveyor, including rollers, head, and tail areas. Pipe-fitted, modular steel safety railing systems provide strength and durability, worker protection, and the flexibility to reconfigure the guardrails when needed.

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Counterweighted Guardrail System / Kee Guard / Rooftop Guardrail / Roof Railings/ Fall protection Equipment

Kee Guard® Safety Rail

Upgraders, towers, administrative offices, and other buildings at mining facilities require working at heights for processing applications and inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Perimeter railings are the preferred fall protection system for flat or low-slope rooftops because they protect several workers collectively without special training. Since access points to the roof are a potential hazard, self-closing safety gates should be an integral part of the railing system.

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Kee Track / Fall Arrest / Fall Protection

Kee Track® Rigid Rail

Servicing vehicles and equipment from above is a known area where fall protection is needed. Although also done working at height, the loading and unloading of rail cars are tasks where safety precautions can easily be overlooked. A rigid rail track system will enhance worker safety for these and other jobs that should be conducted from overhead.

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3 Main Safety Training for Mining Industry

Training Fall Protection / IRATA / Rescue after a fall

IRATA Rope Access Training

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Working at Height

Working At Heights Course

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Rescue After a Fall Course

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